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Without the right realtor, finding your dream home, whether it’s your first home or your next, can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

And once you think you have found it, how can you be sure your offer wins out, without going over budget?

I pride myself on helping clients find their home sweet home, while also helping them with all the practical details along the way:

  • I will help you ensure the right financing or mortgage pre-approval is in place.
  • I will open your eyes to how an almost-perfect home can become that perfect home with just a little work (and I’ll even connect you with some great resources to get it done).
  • I will challenge your thinking to consider home options not on your radar. Those beautiful homes perhaps a bit further afield?
  • And of course, I’ll expertly navigate that scary offer process to maximize our chances of success.

The Ready Homes 5-step home purchase process

  1. Learn about dream home & financing situation: Tell us all about your ideal home: what it looks like, the size, preferred neighbourhood(s) and your timeline for moving. We’ll provide you with a clear picture of the market right now and recommend what you can afford, and where. We’ll also advise if it may be possible to find that dream home for less – with some creative thinking. Need help with financing or getting approved for a mortgage? We will also guide you on getting the right assistance through our extensive support network.
  2. Tour properties: This is where the fun begins. We scour our insider listings and recommend properties that may fit the bill. Together, we’ll make visits to homes that appeal to you --and you’ll have the advantage of an expert eye. The search won’t end until we find that perfect home that you want to make an offer on.
  3. Make the offer: Ready Homes will guide you through the stressful “making an offer” process to maximize your chances of getting accepted by the seller. Sometimes there may be a few back-and-forths in order to complete that purchase.
  4. Recommend and oversee home inspections: No deal should be finalized until you have a reputable home inspector check the property for any potential issues that could cost you extra money. Broken appliances, faulty roof, etc. Ready Homes will protect your interests, helping you make sure this inspection process is handled efficiently and professionally before anything is set in stone.
  5. Close the deal: We make sure all the documents are signed, guide you through legal – and say, congratulations, you are the owner of your new home!

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